The World of SEO Has Spilled Into 4th Grade

Ok, maybe not, but I thought this was funny.  This was my sons homework from school tonight.  I tweeted I wondered whose homework it was – mine or my sons?  Anyway, interesting to see our world making its way to elementary education.  Anyone else seen anything similar in their kids homework?  4th grade or younger?  I’d be curious to find out.

SEO making its way to grade school
Kids Learning About SEO in 4th Grade?

Networking in AZ

It’s always good to network with people in your area. I am lucky to have some amazing friends in this industry locally. Even if one if them does look like Ron Burgandy heh (@thos003)

Just get out of your cave & meet people. You will get biz, referrals and so much more out of it then you can imagine.