Matt Siltala Speaking
Matt Siltala speaking at Pubcon Las Vegas 2012

My name is Matt Siltala, owner of Avalaunch Media, a full service digital marketing firm specializing in social promotions, content & infographic marketing.  Here is a little look into my life – the life of a search engine optimizer!

I really started getting into computers when my mom would bring home the apple IIGS (she worked at a school and could check them out for summers) with Math Crunchers, Oregon Trail and other games like that I can’t even remember.

We never did have a computer growing up, so these times of using the computer I cherished! I always knew I was going to have a long term profession in computers of some sort, I just did not know what at that point.

I really started to figure things out when I was living in Fiji for a couple of years serving a mission for my church. I was put in charge of doing a lot of tasks on the computer, and I ended up teaching most people in the office how to run a computer and get it to do basic tasks. (I was learning the process myself too and that is what was funny). I got it though, and I guess that was the difference.

I started taking computer classes at a college in 1997 and ended up getting a degree in Computer Information Systems. The focus was in networking and I learned nothing about ecommerce, web design, internet marketing or search engine optimization. I had dove into this side of computers on my own though.

I created my first three websites for a Radio Station I was a morning co-host on. From that moment on, I knew what direction I would be going in my professional life. The Internet was my passion! I saw how easy it was to manipulate search engines and get amazing rankings, and this was before I even knew what I was doing. I did not even know of terms such as search engine optimization, or internet marketing

This brings us to today and Avalaunch Media – here is my bio:

Matt Siltala is an online search industry leader and President of Avalaunch Media. Matt’s clients have included companies like Webtrends, Steven Covey, The Home Depot, and ESRB.

Because of Matt’s passion for the online industry and all things IT, he loves collaborating with other industry leaders and speaking at search conferences like PubconSMXand Search Engine Strategies, and at other events and Universities across the country.

Before forming Avalaunch Media, Matt co-founded Dream Systems Media in 2005, and has started several highly successful e-commerce businesses beginning in 1998.

When Matt isn’t launching a new company or helping build value for his client’s, he enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife and 3 kids. During their travels, he especially loves showing his kids new things (like more recently – surfing and boogie boarding) and taking long road trips with his wife.

Above Photo credit (Photo by Michael Dorausch)

Here I am pictured with Aaron Wall (SEOBook.com) One of a handful of people I give credit to, in helping me where I am today.

matt siltala with aaron wall

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