Matt Siltala Speaking at SMX Advanced 2014 in Seattle

I am speaking at SMX Advanced

Looking forward to heading back to Seattle for another amazing SMX Advanced show. SMX Advanced is the very first SMX I ever attended and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I love being able to go back and share what I have learned over the years of being in this industry. Looking forward to meeting new friends and of course hanging out with my old industry buds. Make sure and come up and say hi to me if you are going to be attending! I promise I may look mean, but I don’t bite!


Content Marketing and the Visual Trend

Recently I spoke at Pubcon New Orleans 2014 where I shared information about visual content marketing.  I wanted to share that information here for those who find me through this blog, or follow me here.  Please feel free to ask me anything regarding visual content marketing (or content marketing in general) My company would love to be a solution for your needs!

Avalaunch Media Featured in Utah Business Quarterly

If you own your own business, it is always awesome to see your company getting recognized. Avalaunch Media was featured in Utah Business Quarterly (page 54 if you wanna check it out) My two partners (and co-founders of Avalaunch Media) David Mink and Andrew Melchior were pictured (below) I love how the spread turned out.  I am glad to see this company I started originally under my own name (with no real direction other than just “getting people ranked”) take off and explode like it has.  The future is bright and I am proud to be a part of this industry with so many other awesome folks.

Avalaunch Media featured in Utah Business Quarterly
Avalaunch Media in a print magazine!

The World of SEO Has Spilled Into 4th Grade

Ok, maybe not, but I thought this was funny.  This was my sons homework from school tonight.  I tweeted I wondered whose homework it was – mine or my sons?  Anyway, interesting to see our world making its way to elementary education.  Anyone else seen anything similar in their kids homework?  4th grade or younger?  I’d be curious to find out.

SEO making its way to grade school
Kids Learning About SEO in 4th Grade?